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[GirlsWay] Alina Lopez, Kendra Spade (What Set Us Apart / 03.09.2020)

[GirlsWay] Alina Lopez, Kendra Spade (What Set Us Apart / 03.09.2020)

Sister Ashley Williams (Alina Lopez) is reading scripture on her bed while Sister Jessica Thompson (Kendra Spade) finishes putting on her pajamas nearby. Although Ashley shouldn’t, she can’t help but steal a look or two, admiring Jessica’s beautiful form. But as soon as Jessica’s done dressing and joins her, Ashley tries to push away the secret feelings churning within. When Jessica asks her if they should go over their route for the morning, Ashley gets down to business. They have a lot of work to do and people to meet to further their divine mission. If they’re lucky, maybe they’ll be able to return with candidates for discipleship. Satisfied, Jessica soon returns to her own bed as she turns out the light. Although Ashley hopes that the darkness cloaking them will bring her peace, she can feel Jessica’s gaze on her. The longing becomes impossible to ignore. Despite all their teachings telling them to repress those sinful feelings, instinct wins out and they soon join under the covers of a single bed. Even though it’s strictly prohibited, Ashley and Jessica can’t deny the feelings they have for each other. They think they’re hiding it well, but when they get a phone call from Brother Benson, their Mission President, the next day, everything falls apart. Ashley is to be transferred elsewhere… She has no doubt that they’ve been outed somehow. They are tearful as they struggle with the fact that they may never see each other again. Who knows when their mission will be done, if ever? Even so, as Ashley and Jessica come together one last time, all they can do is promise to wait for each other, no matter how long it takes.

[BurningAngel] Jewelz Blu (Evil Tiki Babes / 03.03.2020)

[BurningAngel] Jewelz Blu (Evil Tiki Babes / 03.03.2020)

It’s a slow day at the Cannibal Cult tiki bar. Bartender Ramon Nomar is passing the time with fellow employee Jewelz Blu when manager Joanna Angel walks in, complaining to Jewelz that their last shipment was confiscated by the feds. She warns Jewelz that they better keep an eye out for anyone suspicious poking around, since the entire bar is just a front for laundering money and offing people. Meanwhile, hipsters Aaron (Small Hands) and Emma Hix show up outside the bar, looking for the ultra-secret and authentic speakeasy they heard was there. They look for a secret door, but finding nothing, they try shouting different passwords at a camera they see perched above the doorway. Inside, employee Vanessa Sky watches Emma and Aaron on a monitor. When she calls Joanna in, Joanna is suspicious that these ‘hipsters’ could actually be undercover cops, so she lets them into the bar to find out what they know. Inside the bar, Aaron and Emma are greeted by Joanna. As she chats with the new arrivals, Joanna’s alarm bells start to go off. So, to throw them off the trail and distract them, Joanna tells Aaron and Emma that the bar offers live performances…in fact, they got there just in time, since a performance is ABOUT to start. Scrambling to come up with something, Joanna pulls Jewelz aside, telling her that SHE’S the show. Jewelz takes the stage along with Ramon as Aaron and Emma watch, entranced by the spectacle of Jewelz spinning fire. Soon, Jewelz runs out of fire to spin. Desperate to keep the distraction going, Jewelz improvises, grinding on Ramon, getting ready to give Aaron and Emma a sex show that they won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Looks like things are really starting to LIVEN UP at the Cannibal Cult!